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 Assessment Calendar

March 1   Taxable Status dateThe taxable status of real property in cities and towns shall be determined annually according to its condition and ownership as of the first day of March and the valuation thereof determined as of the applicable valuation date.

March 1     Exemption application deadline:  Forms are due to the Assessors for a partial or full exemption from town/county and/or school taxes.  For additional information on types of exemptions, amounts and how they are calculated, refer to the New York State website

May 1   Tentative Roll DateThe preliminary Assessment Roll is published and may be reviewed by the taxpayers for accuracy in inventories and assessments.For more information on Fair Assessments, refer to:

4th Tuesday of May    Grievance Day:  A time for the taxpayer to contest his/her assessment if s/he contends that his/her assessment is too high. The grievance process and procedure is outlined by New York State at:

July 1   Final Roll date:  The Town Assessment roll is finalized. If you grieved your assessment and did not receive the relief you requested, you can apply for judicial review of your assessment within 30 days following Final Roll Date.

July 1   Valuation date:  The Market value on your property tax bill reflects the value as of July 1st of the prior year.


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