Handicap Parking Permits

Parking Permit tags must be obtained in the Town Clerk’s office in which one resides. Parking Permits are issued to a person not a vehicle. There is NO fee for a Parking Permit.


  • Applications are most often obtained from one’s physician (medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy), podiatrists or nurse practitioner. PLEASE NOTE – A signed doctor’s prescription is NOT acceptable.
  • A link to the application is available hereHandicap Parking permit or License Plates form mv6641.
  • Applicant completes Part I
  • Physician completes Park II
  • A completed application can be brought to the Town Clerk along with the applicant’s driver’s license. If an applicant is unable to apply in person, please contact the Town Clerk.

Parking Tags:

  • Permanent Tag is issued to a resident who is certified by a physician as having a permanent disability, impairment or condition for a period up to five years at which time a new tag can be issued. Effective October 8, 2008, physician assistants may certify that an individual has a permanent disability, impairment or condition.
  • Temporary Tag is issued to a resident who is certified by a physician as being temporarily disabled for up to six months. If a temporary condition still exists after six months, a new certification is required before a new permit can be issued. Physician assistants may NOT certify a temporary disability, impairment or condition.