Tax Collection

County/Town/Fire Taxes:

  • Tax bills are mailed (generally) the first business day after Christmas.
  • Payments are due without penalty by January 31st (postmark is accepted)
  • Payments can be made using cash or check payable to:  Jackson Tax Collector.
  • Currently, the Town of Jackson does NOT have the capability to accept debit card or credit card payments.
  • In early April (date varies), any unpaid taxes are turned over to the Washington County Treasurer at which point, property owners need to contact the Washington County Treasurer at 518-746-2220 for updated amount due.


School taxes

(The Town does not accept school tax payments)
  • The school districts mail tax bills generally around Labor Day
  • The bills will specify if the school or a designated bank is collecting the payments.
  • Check the bill for specific due date.

Cambridge Central School Tax Collector            518-677-2653
Greenwich Central School Tax Collector            518-692-9542  x6804
Salem Central School Tax Collector                   518-854-7532